What makes a Priority One detail different from other details?

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First of all, what makes Priority One Auto Detailing Services unique is it enables me not only to support my family, but it also exists to help provide support for the Hmong people in Southeast Asia.  I offer these detailing services in addition to windshield repair so that I can continue my ministry to the Hmong. When you schedule a detail, you can ask for more info.  

So why have me detail your vehicle?    
As a perfectionist, I have a high standard for what I do.  I always take the amount of time necessary to detail a vehicle properly.  I know the proper techniques to make a vehicle look its best, and I enjoy detailing vehicles and seeing the smiles on the faces of individuals after they get their vehicles back.  Quality is very important to me.  

I also use professional top quality products so that I can give you a great detail.  I don’t go to the local auto parts store and pick out the cheapest products.  The product development in the past several years in the world of professional detailing has come a long way, and I am consistently amazed at the results every time I finish detailing a vehicle.  However, even with the best products, if a detailer doesn’t take the time to learn how to use them, the final results can be very disappointing.  Therefore, I’m always learning new techniques and using the best products available so that I can offer an outstanding detail.     


My goal is simple: Provide you a top-of-the-line professional detail and windshield repair service so that I can continue to support my family and have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Hmong people of Southeast Asia.  


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